COVID-19 and Cycling

As you surely know by now, lately we have seen an increase in the Novel Coronavirus cases all around the world, the diseases being declared a pandemic. According to the latest report published by World Health Organization this week, the number of people infected with the virus exceeded 140,000; with more than 5,000 people reported as dead.

Besides the actual health issue that this virus imposes to us all and due to the fast spreading rate, the sports world is also affected. Cycling events are impacted by the measures taken in each country, local and pro events being cancelled or postponed for a later date.
Giro d ’Italia is one of the major events postponed, along with other races in Italy, as the country is the most affected from the European Region.

Consistent with our civic mindedness, it is important for all of us to actively support efforts deployed by authorities to slow down the progression of the disease, and what is more important for us, keep ourselves and families safe.
The illness is contagious and for this reason, the best is to avoid confined spaces to the best of your ability, proactively adopt hygiene measures recommended, give a proper attention to your meal plans & to the sleep hours and do a minimum exercise to keep yourself healthy.

When it comes to body workout, you most probably wonder if you should still go out for a ride? If you decide to do so, a 30-minutes moderate cycling might help with your immunity; while long rides and intense activity might have opposite effect and is better to be avoided. We advise cyclists to avoid group rides and crowded areas, and to clean the surfaces they touch, as well as wash their hands properly, wear gloves and masks if needed.

Without the intention of alarming you, we would like to draw your attention to the primary good of everyone’s health and to inform you that our team will continue to work normally in this delicate time for the humanity.

Despite disruptions in the logistics industry and although some delays might occur, we are working towards mitigating any possible impact to the delivery of our products to our customers.

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We hope that you and your families enjoy good health and follow the local Health Ministry’s instructions.