How to stay fit by traning at home

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, most of the countries are on partial or full lockdown; schools moved online, companies allowed employees to work from home – where possible, gyms are closed, while sport events are cancelled or postponed.

We all must fight this disease and we all must adapt to a new lifestyle. What can you do if the Government limits outdoor activities or if you do not want to go out and expose yourself?

You can continue your training routine at home – think of it like wintertime. Many cycling athletes include indoor cycling into their workout to help them train or practice before races or if the outside conditions do not allow to hit the road.

Even so, try to keep a balanced exercise regime – do not overdo it, studies say your indoor rides should be at least 15% shorter than your normal outdoor rides. Also try a combination of efforts – it works better.

If you don’t have an indoor cycling trainer, best you can do is to keep up your condition and health by a 30-minutes workout per day, at least. Despite gyms being closed, most of the fitness routines are now available online, if you do not have a personal trainer to advise on the exercises suitable for you.

If you have an indoor cycling trainer you should keep in mind the following for the best workout experience: ride with the right & positive posture- don’t be tensed; try to pedal smoothly and with a constant pace and be the creator of your own daily routine.

Do not forget about your favorite cycling kit. If you don’t ride outside, it doesn’t mean it has to be kept in the closet.

Cycling kits play an important role in your overall performance, the fabric is much lighter and has a better elasticity, making your ride more comfortable and qualitative.

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