How to take care of your cycling kit

We all understand how important is to take care of our bikes, first for our safety, then for the performance and finally for our budget. At the same time, it is quite essential that you take good care of your cycling kit, as the all the pieces, from shoes to base layers, bibs and jerseys, are designed to help your overall performance, to enhance the comfort and to protect – like the helmet.

With the proper care, our kits can last for many rides, so, as a simple rule, take care of your gear, and it will take care of you in return for thousands of kilometres.

Below we put together some tips and best practices for cleaning and protecting your cycling kits.

On a general note, you should always keep in mind that:

  • After you get out of your cycling clothes, you should either put it directly in the washing machine for a quick spin, or put it outside to dry, if you plan to wash it later. Don’t leave your garment unwashed as bacteria and sweat will most likely destroy the fabrics.
  • If your kit got dirty from dusty or muddy roads, it is better to gently clean the dried mud prior putting the laundry.
  • Wash the clothes in warm or even cold water, with similar colors and/or other clothes with similar fabric. A rough fabric or Velcro can damage your beautiful kit. We recommend washing it by hand or by using a Delicate program, in not, by any other washing cycle designed for sports/delicate clothes.
  • Additionally, if you have a garment bag, use it, if you decide to go with the washing machine.
  • Detergents & fabric softener: Use gentle detergents, so you avoid destroying the fibres of the fabric or elastics by using rough detergents or bleach. Also, it is better to use powder detergent as the liquid one can clog the pours of the fabrics and can retain odours.
  • Rinse your garments thoroughly. Detergent residues can destroy the additional treatments that were applied to your kit to enhance performance.

Some would say a good tip is to add little vinegar while you rise your garment, this will remove any remaining soap from the clothing and will also act as a disinfectant – we tried it and it worked, but is up to you!

  • Better not to put your cycling kit in the dryer. Instead, dry the clothes on a line, preferably in the shade or facing little sun as the sunlight will keep any bacteria away. Extreme heat will destroy the fabrics.
  • Never store your kit if is not completely dry, it will rot in the closet and you might not be able to use it anymore.

Item by item, you should always keep in mind:

  • Base layers fabrics are very sensitive and can break easily, therefore if you do not wash by hand, better use a garment bag.
  • Jerseys and coats that have zippers, is recommended to zip up first and to turn inside to dry zipper lines first.
  • Turn all your jerseys and bibs inside out to protect prints and finishes.
  • Fluorescent kits should be washed separate in cold water and only with similar Fluorescent items because when washed together with dark colors and in warm water the Fluro part can capture black and darken its shade.
  • Gloves can be washed either by hard or if you put the in the washing machine to be turned inside out and placed in a garment bag.

If you have any other tips, let us know – after all, sharing is caring.

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